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Here For Youth - Legacy That Never Ends

Legacy That Never Ends


The Muslim Youth Engagement Awards, hosted by Here For Youth, unfolded on Saturday, 16th December 2023, in London, recognising exceptional contributions and celebrating the dedication of individuals and organisations committed to empowering and engaging youth.

The event brought together a diverse audience from across the country to celebrate and honour the remarkable efforts of numerous initiatives dedicated to fostering positive change among teenagers.

Special guest Professor Andy Turner, Lecturer in Applied Social Studies, Community, and Youth Work at Goldsmiths, University of London, remarked, “We live in a time where it’s so tough, so challenging, and also so inspiring to be with and learn from young people.

The winners of the Youth Mentor Of The Year Award went to:

Yasin Erkul from Dream Chaser Youth Club, Birmingham and Zainab Abdi from Women 4 Change, Leicester.

The awards ceremony saw recognition in various categories:

– The Mu’adh ibn Jabal Award For Individual Growth and Development: Al Noor Foundation, Redbridge, London

– The Arqam ibn Abi Arqam Award For Most Consistent Youth Engagement: Harlesden Ummah, Brent, London

– The Abdullah Ibn Masood Award For Most Youth-Led Organisation: Faith Inspire, Tower Hamlets, London

– The Abu Ubaidah ibn al-Jarrah Award For Best Implementation and Practice: Northampton Mosque and Islamic Centre (NMIC)

– The Fatima Zahra Award For Best Sisters Youth Engagement: Al Rawdha Young Sisters, Milton Keynes

– The Maryam Award For Best Sisters Team: Islamic Society of Gloucester

– The Khalid Ibn Walid Award For Team Development: Kent Muslim Welfare Association

– The Tamim Al Dari Award for The Most Resilient Youth was presented to multiple young people from various organisations for their exceptional resilience and determination.

Ayub Seedat, CEO of Here For Youth, expressed gratitude, stating, “This event was a pivotal moment where these outstanding grassroots initiatives received well-deserved recognition, showcasing their crucial role in empowering and guiding our youth.”

Here For Youth extends congratulations to all award winners and gratitude to attendees, sponsors, and participants for their unwavering support in championing the growth and empowerment of youth.

Invest In A Legacy That Never Ends

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