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How To EET* (Effectively Engage Teenagers) Training, Coaching and Accreditation Programme

This exclusive training coaching and accreditation programme is designed for community organisations and individuals, including youth workers, social workers, parents and faith/community leaders.

This programme will take you through our Youth Engagement Framework’ – one of the outcomes of which is the creation of a safe and loving space for teenagers in your local area.

Through this programme, you will learn:
  • How to effectively engage teenagers on a regular basis
  • How effective your existing youth engagement activities are
  • What teenagers are looking for in life and from your space
  • How to build trusted relationships with teenagers
  • How to set up and sustain your youth engagement team
  • How other similar-minded organisations are engaging teenagers in their local areas.
By the end of this programme, you will know:
  • How to connect with teenagers like never before
  • How to build a generation of active young adults who are confident in their identity and actively participate in the community
  • How to manage a ‘Youth Hubb’ in your area, which hosts regular youth engagement sessions for teenagers.

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How To EET* Workshop

What This Programme Covers

This free programme is perfect for organisations or individuals with influence over a space (such as places of worship like Mosques or community centres) that teenagers can easily access.

The training and coaching will take you through our ‘Youth Engagement Framework’ – one of the outcomes of which is the creation of a local ‘Youth Hubb’ – a safe and loving space for teenagers in your local area.

It is made up of the following nine areas:

Programme Timeline

Stage 0
Initial assessment of your existing youth engagement to establish a baseline for impact measurement. This is done at the online Kick-Off Meeting (see below!)
Stage 1

Youth Engagement Training - a one-day workshop at your premises.

  • The workshops cover a range of topics, such as:
    • What Young People Looking For In Life
    • How to Build A Trusted Relationship With Young People
    • How To Set Up Your Youth Engagement Team
Stage 2

Weekly online coaching calls, and launching your regular 'Youth Hubb' for teenagers

  • The weekly online coaching sessions are a practical deep dive into our Youth Engagement Framework, as well as a fantastic networking opportunity with other similar-minded organisations on the same journey. 
Stage 3

Regular delivery of youth engagement sessions at your 'Youth Hubb' and ongoing improvements to your team and organisation. Organisational provisional accreditation and recommendations will also be given.

  • Organisations receive accreditation after six months of successful delivery by conducting a follow-up assessment at a site visit and 1:1 discussions that track your progress compared to when you started the programme.
Stage 4
Ongoing regular delivery and iterative improvements to your 'Youth Hubb.'
Stage 5

Programme review, online evaluation, evidence submission and award of full accreditation

Stage 6

Organisations receive ongoing engagement and access to resources and guidance as they continue their regular delivery of their.;Youth Hubb'.

Stage 7

Organisations will then be continually developed and reassessed on a rolling 12-month basis to ensure that they maintain a high delivery standard with continual professional development for the Organisation and their team.

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