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Here for youth

We make engaging teenagers localsimpleeffective

We’re here to help train and coach you to effectively engage teenagers in your local area every single week.

Here for youth

What world will you leave behind?

Support our mission to train, coach and accredit organisations and individuals who want to engage their local teenagers effectively and get into youth work.




Our Inaugural Annual Award Ceremony

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We deliver our training, coaching and accreditation programme across the UK




Youth Leaders


Teenagers Engaged A Week

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Young People Are Disadvantaged

Young people are being exposed to all the stress that comes with modern life, leading to them seeking comfort, solace and identity elsewhere. They don’t have a place where they can express themselves, be safe, grow, or have people around them that they can trust.

• We believe that every community can be that space for young people

• As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child

Engaging Teenagers is Essential

Our experts train youth leaders on how to do so in an effective manner. We coach local leaders to reach every corner of their community, leaving no young person behind. We accredit local organisation to ensure that they are safe and loving spaces for teenagers.

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Our services include:

Training Youth Leaders

Training youth leaders on our bespoke Youth Engagement Framework

Coaching Local Leaders

Mentoring on how to be effective in all areas, from marketing to finance and everything in between

Accrediting Youth Hubbs

Assessing Youth Hubbs based on how they score on critical areas of their service

Our Youth Leaders

The stories behind some of our most active and successful youth workers whom we've trained and nurtured

📍 Palmers Green

Rahat Hadi

Growing up we didn't have anything like this so wanted to have something in place and be here for youth, for the pleasure of God!

📍 Milton Keynes

Ibrahim Diriye

Islamic Network played a huge role in my early teens, I can never forget the popular, all-nighter "NiteMania" event! I want to build a hub where the Youth and Community can enjoy themselves and find their needs and solutions to their problems.

📍 Leyton

Idris Kayat

I got into youth work to help make a positive difference in young people's lives, and to help build this generation into positive, active members of society who will thrive and lead us into a positive future.

📍 Harlesden
123 thumbs up

Rashid Mohammed

My motivation for getting into youth work was due to having seen first-hand the experience of family breakdown and kids getting involved in in gangs and all sorts of other vices that exist in today's society.

How Do You Know If A Teenager Needs Your Help?

Through our training, youth leaders will get access to our ‘Youth Engagement Framework’ and an expert that will coach them on how to identify, engage and build a rapport with every young person they work with.

• Youth leaders will get instant access to our network of professional and volunteer youth leaders and youth workers

• Youth leaders will finally feel confident about the services, activities and mentoring they are providing to young people

• After getting accredited, Youth Hubbs will know exactly what they need to improve upon to be a safe and loving space for teenagers

• Youth Hubbs will be mentored by our experts who will develop a bespoke plan that they can implement immediately

Its Time To Give Young People The Opportunities They Deserve




Our Team

Ayub Seedat

Ayub Seedat

Chief Operating Officer

Ayub has worked in the Charity sector for over 15 years for high profile organisations and is a specialist in Operations, Marketing and Fundraising.

Hamza Ahmed

Hamza Ahmed

Head of Youth Work

Hamza has been organising youth activities in Mosques since 2010. Since then, he has empowered over 200 Mosques in the UK and around the world to have effective youth engagement.

Yasar Shehzad

Yasar Shehzad

Senior Designer

Yasar has been a designer since graduating in 2008. He also is passionate about youth work having worked with young people for over a decade in various settings.

Altaf Hussain

Altaf Hussain

National Fundraising Manager

Altaf has been involved in the charity fundraising sector for over 8 years having had senior roles working with globally recognised charity organisations.

Adilah Khan

Adilah Khan

Operations Assistant

Adilah is our operations lead and the first port of call for our partners. She specialises in project management and leads the automation of our workflows.

Zahra Najak

Zahra Najak

Community Fundraising

Zahra is a veteran of the charity sector, having worked previously at some of the major charities. She is currently overseeing our community fundraising.

Abdur-Rahman Chachia

Abdur-Rahman Chachia

Head of Research

Abdur-Rahman has been focused on research into youth issues, first with the MCB and as the Youth Trustee for his local Mosque. He’s currently completing a research piece into Millenial Muslim Identity in the UK.


We accredit Youth Hubbs and train Youth workers across the UK.

We run our training, coaching and accreditation programme on a quarterly cycle.

Our training is open to any local community organisation that serves teenagers in the UK.

  • Our one-day training workshop covers a range of topics, including:
    • What Teenagers Looking For In Life
    • How to Build A Trusted Relationship With Teenagers
    • How To Set Up Your Youth Engagement Team


  • Six weeks of coaching is part of the programme, and each session is a practical deep dive into these and other areas.

Absolutely! Register your interest here and we will get the ball rolling!


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